Do I owe your company anything for assisting me if my insurance company denies the claim?

We do not charge our customers anything for our assistance in filing weather related claims.

Will this increase my insurance premiums?

NO! In an article in the Birmingham News dated November 30th 2010, Alabama Insurance Commissioner Jim Ridling sent out a bulletin warning insurers that it is illegal under Alabama law for an insurer to “charge more or drop coverage for individual policyholders who have made claims for weather-related losses”.

How long will the whole process take?

Once the claim is filed, it normally takes from a week to ten days for the Insurance adjuster to inspect your home. If they approve your claim, it takes a couple of weeks for your to receive the Insurance summary. From that point, it usually takes about a week for us to get your new roof installed.

How long will the install take?

Normally it takes us just one day. The roofing crew will arrive early in the morning and leave that same afternoon.

Who cleans up all the mess?

We will clean up the job related debris during the installation and will finish before we leave. If our installation extends into the second day, we will clean up by the end of the second day.

Is it important for a roofer to be licensed by the state?

It is not currently a law that roofing companies must be licensed by the state. Anyone can start a roofing company today and legally roof your house tomorrow. Most customers should want certified professionals working on their mos valuable possessions. Our owners are licensed by the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board as a General Contractor and have been roofing and building homes for over 20 years.